Soufiane Dominique Kharroubi

A web developer who fights climate change

picture of Soufiane Dominique Kharroubi

I know you don't have a lot of time so here is me in a few words. I am a web developer who is passionate about creating clean, efficient and most importantly user-friendly websites and web applications. Thanks to 4 years in a French engineering school (Polytech Nancy - specialised in fluid mechanics), I am well equipped to deal with complicated assignments and possess strong analytical and problem solving skills. A recently obtained degree as a Junior Web Developer (Openclassrooms) helped me consolidate my knowledge of languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

In addition to my passions for programming and physics, I am truly dedicated to the protection of our planet. I believe climate change is the biggest challenge faced by mankind and have decided to pledge my time and energy to ecology.

My experience is now mainly comprised of 3 websites I single-handedly created from scratch, all of which were delivered with a user-friendly, secured backend and database storage. And you're looking at my favorite project! So have a look and imagine what I could do for you :-)


IT & Engineering


Programming skills

90% HTML
80% JS
70% PHP
75% MySQL
25% Angular

Linguistic skills

Native French
Fluent English
Advanced Polish


0% Curious 0% Team player 0% Creative 0% Dedicated 0% Persevering 0% Passionate




My biggest hope is to see general relativity and quantum field theory unified during my lifetime. I also am very curious about recent developments in quantum computing and machine learning

I love YouTube as it is a place where science meets people with the skill and the will to spread it; a place from which knowledge can be poured out and where solutions can be found; a place where streaming and gaming combine to offer countless hours of entertainment.
If I had to choose, PBS Spacetime, Real Engineering, Dirty Biology and Grafikart would be my favourite channels.

20 years of practice and 10 years of experience as a trainer/judge. If this is not a hobby then I don't know what is!

I'm just coming back from a one year trip around South East Asia and highly recommend 4 places: Kuching and Penang in Malaysia, Kampot in Cambodia and the middle part of Vietnam where many unique and remarkable places can be found.
My favourite way to travel isn't backpacking but rather stay a few months in a country. This way of travelling is just the best to immerse oneself into the local culture.

Interstellar , Inception, Edge of Tomorrow... You name it, I've seen them all!

And you now understand that I'm a total geek :-p